Liqueurs Crafted for Cocktails

FUNKIN COCKTAILS shares how being equipped with the right liqueurs can raise the bar.

Liqueurs, packed full of flavour, they are an important part of many of the UK’s favourite cocktails. But how often have you stopped to consider what these colourful liquids are adding to your bestselling serves?

From zesty, to sweet, to sour, liqueurs host the widest range of flavours from any spirits category. Playful by nature, these alluring liquids may be adding a dash of fun – but could the right addition to your back bar take the quality of even the most well-known serves to the next level?

The Modern Cocktail Lover

Cocktails featuring a non-cream liqueur are on the up, making up half of all serves, as the likes of the Pornstar Martini, Sex on the Beach and Spritz continue to have mass appeal.

Even faced with the current economic uncertainty, drinkers are still prepared to invest for the best. Over half (57%) are prepared to pay more for a better quality cocktail. Not only are they happy to pay more, but cocktail connoisseurs frequent their favourite bars more often than the national average and tend to have a higher average monthly spend on eating and drinking out.

To attract this highly valuable consumer, making sure that every ingredient in your bar toolkit is the best around could be the most fruitful decision you make this year.

The Future of Liqueurs

The latest innovation from FUNKIN COCKTAILS, trusted by the top bartenders since 1999, is a new range of cocktail liqueurs.

Made with real fruit to enhance the flavour in any serve, these liqueurs have been crafted especially for creating cocktails to ensure bartenders are working with only the best.

Starting out with three editions, Passion Fruit (18% ABV), Triple Sec (20% ABV) and Peach (18% ABV), the range will make whipping up the finest quality cocktails easier than ever every time. With a low ABV, the range also provides venues with a highly competitive cocktail margin.

From the UK’s favourite Pornstar Martini, which now makes up almost a fifth of all orders, to the ever-popular Sex on the Beach, and the trendy, bartender-favourite Margarita, the range of classic liqueurs has also been designed with the bestsellers in mind.

And the best part? Bartenders are already loving them, beating competitors in blind taste tests.

Finally, now FUNKIN COCKTAILS is B Corp certified, you can also be safe knowing that you’re doing your bit for the planet by working with the UK’s only cocktail brand to meet the high standards to be recognised as a sustainable organisation, using business as a force for good.

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