London pop-up bar unveils social media-curated cocktail list

Colour Changing Mojito

Speakeasy-style Shoreditch pop-up Twisted Bar is showcasing a cocktail menu determined by its 1 million+ social media followers.

@Twistedbar posts cocktail recipe videos for its social media channel users to create for themselves at home.

Using data analysis across these channels, which scans for the most liked, shared and viewed cocktail recipe videos, all of the information is collated and analysed to determine the most popular ingredients and types of drink.

According to the data, the most popular spirit is rum. Earning over 60 million views across 25 videos, it has resulted in cocktails such as the Colour Changing Mojito (pictured above), featuring white rum and cosmic syrup, and the Rum Raisin Martini, blending dark rum, Kahlua and espresso.

Paradise Daiquiri Fishbowl
Paradise Daiquiri Fishbowl

The Daiquiri presented itself as the most popular cocktail, with over 45 million views across 10 videos. This inspired fusion drinks such as the Paradise Daiquiri Fishbowl and Strawberry Daiquiri Slushie.

The Twisted Bar audience also showed an affinity to dessert based drinks, which as a result motivated the Cookies & Cream White Russian serve.

@Twistedbar’s social media-bassed results have led to a menu that reflects the latest cocktail trends based on real-time social media users.

In keeping with its social aesthetic, the expert mixologists behind Twisted Bar design the drinks so they not only taste great but look Instagram-worthy too.

The bar is open for one month and will be peppered with exclusive events, featuring live music from established, London-based DJs on Friday and Saturday nights and on quieter nights guests can play board games or get a group along for the weekly quiz night.

Co-head & head of Food at Twisted Tom Jackson said: “We’re excited to have another opportunity to take the Twisted brand offline.

“The cocktails we’ve created really reflect our audience’s preferences and what Twisted is all about, they’re off-beat, don’t take themselves too seriously and of course, they’re delicious. We can’t wait for people to come to the bar and party with us!”

Pumpkin Spice Old Fashioned
Pumpkin Spice Old Fashioned
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