London Spirits Competition: Cocktail Recipes For Bartenders Coming In 2023

The London Spirits Competition is growing its new initiative for the 2023 event that allows every brand owner, distiller or supplier entering the awards to submit a cocktail suggestion for each of the products they enter.

Any cocktails entered will be included when the results for the 2023 competition come out and this will be made a key feature of the London Spirits Competition’s new website design. The initiative will help Bartenders look at the brand recipes and also will allow end consumers to try the recipes of the winning brands.

The cocktail recipes will also be featured on the London Drinks Guide, the dedicated consumer website set up by the Beverage Trade Network, organisers of the London Drinks Competitions, to help promote drinks, producers and suppliers that take part in its events. They will also be included on the Bartenders Business website and the other digital platforms that the Beverage Trade Network runs around the world including: Los Angeles Drinks Guide; Chicago Drinks Guide; New York Drinks Guide; and San Francisco Drinks Guide.

London Spirits Competition entrants cockails promoted for at no extra cost on the London Drinks Guide.

“This is a massive feature benefit enhancement we are doing for all the 2023 spirits entrants by giving them a platform to showcase their cocktails to end consumers and to trade,” says Sid Patel, chief executive of Beverage Trade Network that runs and owns the London Spirits Competition as part of its wider London Wine and London Beer competitions.

The 2023 London Spirits Competition is already on track to be one of the most important spirits competitions in the world. More than 2500 spirits are expected to enter the 2023 competition from more than 80 countries where brands will be reviewed by the best bar talent in the world. All trade buyers of London Spirits Competitions have direct or in-direct buying responsibilities and are involved in the trade.

The London Spirits Competition has worked in the last few years to build up the pedigree of its judges and to ensure they all have direct buying responsibilities and understand the disciplines by which certain spirits are chosen to go on drinks or cocktail lists or not.

It’s time to enter your brands in the 2023 London Spirits Competition and grow in 2023. The submission deadline is February 22. Enter now and ship your samples.

Key Dates:

Registration Ends: 22 February, 2023

Warehouse Closes: 2 March, 2023

Judging Date: 22, 23 & 24 March, 2023

Winners Announced: 12 April, 2023

Fee Schedule:

£180 Regular – Now to 22 February, 2023

Quantity Discount Now Available

3 to 8 entries: 10% discount

9 to 13 entries: 15% discount

14 or more entries: 20% discount

Enter your brands today and grow with London Spirits Competition.

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