London to Lima creates Mulberry & Coca Gin Liqueur

London to Lima Mulberry & Coca Gin Liqueur

The London to Lima Gin Distillery in Peru is set to launch its second expression, London to Lima Mulberry & Coca Gin Liqueur, in the UK.

London to Lima’s original gin is made with Peruvian Quebranta grapes that have been used for centuries to make the national spirit, pisco.

Traditional botanicals such as juniper berries, orris root, angelica root and cassia, are used to create the spirit, alongside more exotic Peruvian botanicals, including coriander seeds, lime, orange, aguaymanto (more commonly known as physalis) and pink peppercorn.

For the new gin liqueur, the distilled spirit is macerated with mulberries, which are hand-picked in Peru close to the distillery. Amazonian Coca leaves are also added, along with wild honey.

London to Lima Mulberry & Coca Gin Liqueur is “bursting with berries on the palate with bright citrus and pink pepper spice and finishes with warmth and velvety chocolate notes”.

The two expressions have a different Peruvian animal printed on the label. The Mulberry & Coca bottle features a Spectacled Caiman, a member of the alligator family, while the original gin features the Spectacled Bear.

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