Love Drinks announces Wellness Wednesday Workshops

Love Drinks Wellness Wednesdays

Love Drinks’ new Wellness Wednesday Workshops seek to encourage employers in the hospitality industry to focus on the physical and mental wellbeing of their team.

The first workshop, held in association with Healthy Hospo, is set to take place on February 6 in Bishopsgate. It is free for owners and managers from on-trade establishments to attend.

The Wellness Wednesday Workshop will cover an array of topics including:

• The state of the trade: where does the bar industry currently sit with regards to health and wellness? An honest overview and stats from some of the most recent reports around hospitality staff turnover, drug/alcohol/sexual abuse, happiness, mental health and suicide.

• The importance of staff health and wellness to a business and its profitability.

• Eat Sleep Sweat Connect Repeat: an introduction to Healthy Hospo’s simple recipe for staff to improve health, happiness and deliver more at work.

• 10 Point Checklist: a simple, easy to follow checklist to score your business on health and wellness and provide the tools and inspiration to begin taking steps to improve the health of your business, your staff and your bottom line.

Love Drinks Wellness Wednesdays

The workshops follow the launch of Love Drinks’ LфVE WELL, which was introduced in October 2018. In collaboration with Healthy Hospo, MiBODY Outdoor Fitness and Me, Myself in Mind, the initiative motivates those working in the hospitality industry to live well.

In addition to offering the usual support packages to customers such as complimentary stock, staff training, promotional activity and point of sale material, Love Drinks now offer the first of its kind LфVE WELLsupport menu.

The LфVE WELL support menu provides customers with practical advice, support, access to the quarterly Wellness Workshops and free spaces for team members at the monthly outdoor MiBODY fitness sessions.

Regular health and wellbeing articles will also be posted on the Love Drinks blog and a series of special treat days and challenges is also being planned for later in the year.

Love Drinks founder Kirsty Loveday said: “This isn’t just something for the beginning of the year to fight the January blues, but a movement that is already becoming a core part of our business and philosophy.

“It’s about supporting and educating our friends in the trade in the long term, so we have a packed year of activities, events, classes and challenges to help hospitality staff and businesses begin to make some positive changes in 2019.”

Tim Etherington-Judge, Healthy Hospo founder and ambassador, added: “For too long we have accepted that poor health, both mental and physical, was just part of the job in hospitality.

“Kirsty Loveday and the team at Love Drinks know that it doesn’t have to be this way. As a business, they live and breathe a healthy ethos and, like Healthy Hospo, are totally committed to improving the health and wellness of their team and those they work with.

“I couldn’t be more excited to have Love Drinks as a partner to bring this unique wellness platform to the UK for the first-time collaboration, as we continue our mission to build a healthier, happier bar industry.”

To reserve a space at the Wellness Wednesday Workshop or to enquire about the LфVE WELL support menu, contact or liaise with your Love Drinks account manager.

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