Love Taste Co launches eight new smoothies

Love Taste Co is expanding its portfolio with the launch of eight new smoothie flavours, including fruit, vegetable and protein variants.

Four new flavours will join the fruit smoothies range, and both 24 Carrot Gold and Avo Go-Go will complete the core six vegetable collection. The final two additions are part of a new venture for the brand in the form of protein smoothies.

Love Taste Co’s new protein smoothies contain whey protein, chlorella and spirulina. The Veggie-Nator (pictured) is a green drink containing banana, kale, spinach, passionfruit, mango, broccoli and protein pellets while Fruitasia is a more fruity number, comprised of blueberry, blackberry, banana, strawberry and protein pellets.

Both drinks contain protein and vitamin c, as well as manganese, which plays a key part in brain and nerve function, folate for encouraging cell repair and tissue growth, and fibre, to help maintain sufficient blood glucose levels.

Arguably one of the biggest food trends of 2018 is the consumption of activated charcoal. First gaining popularity in the beauty sector, this ingredient is now appearing in the food and beverage market. Charcoal has cleansing properties and when ingested, binds toxins to remove unwanted substances and improve digestion. Black Magic is a combination of blueberries, blackberries, blackcurrants, banana, cherries and activated charcoal.

Love Taste Co are also helping operators tap into the breakfast opportunity with the Breakfast Smoothie. Coco Loco, Blueberry Thrill, 24 Carrot Gold, and Avo Go-Go complete the fruit and vegetable range.

Phil Plowman, managing director of Love Taste Co, said: “These eight new flavours have been developed with consumer trends in mind. From helping outlets tap into the breakfast opportunity and health crazes, our new smoothies are already generating huge demand.”

The eight new flavours and complete range is available to purchase from most major wholesalers.

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