Lovely Drinks launches new colas after rebranding

Lovely soft drinks

Lovely Drinks has launched two premium all-natural colas after unveiling new branding to support sales in both the off- and on-trade.

The Original Cola is a twist on the classic drink with added lime juice, burnt sugar and botanicals including vanilla and cinnamon while the Sour Cherry Cola is made with whole pressed sour cherries and botanicals.

It follows the Somerset-based company’s launch of a striking new look to reflect the “quintessentially English and spirited nature” of the brand, stretching from the logo to typography.

Co-founder Rick Freeman said: “Customers have been asking for years for us to make colas. The two we’ve come up with are based on an original cola recipe that was found years ago and are made by hand from real botanicals.

“The colourings and flavours are all natural and there’s no caffeine in either of the products and there are real sour cherries in the cherry cola.”

Victoria Earle, Lovely Drinks’ co-founder and sales and marketing director, added: “With high media attention on artificial flavourings and consumers becoming more aware of their intake, there is pressure on the soft drinks industry to really think about the content of their products.

“The use of all-natural high-quality ingredients is not only part of the Lovely Drinks premium positioning but it is an important characteristic of the overall soft drinks industry. We are constantly developing products and exploring how best to produce the most natural soft drinks without the use of artificial sweeteners and without compromising the taste.”

With the two new products and the new branding, Lovely Drinks is looking to expand sales further for its range which also includes juices and sparkling drinks such as ginger beer, raspberry lemonade, dandelion and burdock, elderflower and gooseberry, and apple and elderflower.

Victoria added: “Our main growth over the last couple of years has been in direct supply to the horeca market in the south-west and also wholesale, achieving a 30% growth year on year. We’ve also achieved uplift in brand awareness across the Cotswolds and the Midlands. We now want to focus on the south with a particular drive into London.”

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