Lowlander releases zero-alcohol botanically brewed beer

Lowlander 0.00%

Netherlands-based botanical brewer Lowlander has added a new non-alcoholic beer to its range, made using citrus waste.

The 0% ABV wit or white beer is brewed with reclaimed citrus peel, from bars and restaurants who use the fruit to squeeze fresh orange and lemon juice.

Chief botanical officer and Lowlander founder Frederik Kampan said: “With more than a quarter of young people considering themselves non-drinkers and one out of 20 beers being no low or no-alcohol, we felt the time was right to launch our 0.00% Lowlander Beer.

“Consumers are more health conscious and with the trend for no/low-alcohol drinks, we wanted to be one of the first craft beers to launch a true alcohol-free expression.

“We’re also delighted to be able to reuse natural botanical ingredients to brew our beer. Every year 250 million kilos of orange peel are discarded in The Netherlands and we are working with PeelPioneers who pick up and process this ‘waste’ in a circular, eco-friendly way. The result is a refreshing and crisp botanically brewed beer, with bursts of fruit and citrus flavours.”

The non-alcoholic beer is launching in the UK and Germany and rolling out to other international markets from May 2019.

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