Lucy Gordon joins Bar Magazine for an exclusive interview about her new business, From Our Cellar.

Launched in June, From Our Cellar joins the Gordon family’s tree of businesses.

Lucy Gordon is the granddaughter of Wendy Gordon – owner of the revered Gordon’s Wine Bar in London. With her well-informed team, including an old school friend who holds her WSET Diploma in wine and is both an Italian and French wine scholar, Lucy is confident in her new business venture.

  • What is From Our Cellar?

“It’s an online marketplace for wine/spirits and beer lovers by wine/spirits and beer lovers. We came up with the idea to help small, independent brands reach a wider audience and for our customers to learn more about the products they are consuming. We wanted to give people the opportunity to discover things they wouldn’t necessarily come across”.

  • What benefits does your online platform have?

“The first benefit is that being online means that you can be anywhere in the UK and buy a Cornish Gin or Welsh rum which you might never have known about if it wasn’t for our platform. The second, is that we are totally passionate about supporting small business and helping people buy a product they will love – how often have you gone to a supermarket and picked a bottle because it has a nice label? We want people to choose their wine because they like the taste, so we write tasting notes for nearly everything on our site.”

  • How does your membership work?

“We wanted to make the website accessible, so we introduced a couple of levels of membership. As a Cellar Club member you get access to all of our tasting notes, and subscription box of goodies delivered to you every month with a virtual tasting evening to go alongside. You can also access just our tasting notes through a monthly or annual membership, or you can buy a single tasting note as a one-off. We really want people to learn about how the products are made and what aromas and tastes they should be looking out for, so allowing people to purchase individual tasting notes was really important to us – plus they are great for hosting a little DIY tasting!”

  • Do you have any events planned?

“Some of the things we are planning include virtual tours of distilleries and breweries so that people can sample the products at home and actually get to meet the person that produces them, getting to see how their favourite product is made and where it comes from. It’s about learning, allowing people to access this remotely and even inspiring others to visit this location one day. Our first Cellar Club virtual tasting is scheduled for mid-September – you can sign up now through our website.”

  • Future aspirations?

“Because we have a long list of cellars, we are currently looking at wholesale supplies – helping small bars and restaurants to source their products from independent brands. We’ve done the research, so they don’t have to”.

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