Luminar launches queue-jumping app

Luminar has launched an iPhone app that will help clubbers at its 56 nightclubs across the UK to get straight to the front of the queue.

The unique new digital passport gives clubbers the ability to buy and store e-tickets, vouchers and offers on their iPhone and scan tickets at the box office.

Using technology developed in partnership with TXD and leading hospitality epos company Zonal Retail Systems, it is due to be extended in 2013 to allow cashless transactions at bars and at box offices.

Luminar’s head of marketing and central operations Tim Howard said: “We know that our customers don’t like queuing, especially in the run-up to the festive season. With this new app, they’ll be able to browse events, choose when they want to visit and buy the package they want.

“All transactions are stored within the app, so they don’t even need to print off vouchers. When they’ve bought their ticket, they can just walk straight to the club’s main entrance without queuing, as the voucher is instantly recognised by our epos system.”

The new app is also a customer communication and engagement tool which links to the company via social media such as Facebook and Twitter as well as its own databases and epos.

All app users can text to a screen above the dance floor and chat to others and see themselves in the photo galleries

Clubbers will also benefit from drinks deals, sponsored by Luminar’s key brands, through vouchers within the app.

Tim said: “This is a really exciting development that should enhance the overall experience for our customers. It’s about making it easier to access our venues and buy tickets, but more importantly to share experiences and is a great two-way communication channel that will help us to engage with our core audiences in a way that they really tap into.

“Having the ability to understand our customer journey and treat clubbers like an individual will give us a huge competitive advantage on the high street.”

The app was launched at 55 parties across the UK together with full in-club point-of-sale marketing and on-screen and on-web advertising, hanging mobiles and posters. The launch was so successful that it managed to sign up over 7,000 customers in its first weekend.

Luminar hopes to extend the technology further in 2013 by allowing it to be used for providing loyalty rewards.

Phase two is currently in development which will deliver a totally cashless experience, removing the need to queue at box offices and bars.

The company also plans to launch an Android version of the application in January 2013 together with tickets via the Apple Passbook app.

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