Luminar supports Street Pastors with flip flops

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Nightclub operator The Luminar Group has linked up with Street Pastors around the country to hand out promotional flip flops.

Throughout August, staff will provide the flip flops to customers as they are leaving Luminar’s 53 clubs, throwing a spotlight on the invaluable work of the Street Pastors volunteers.

Launched in 2003 by Reverend Les Isaac, Street Pastors is an initiative of the Ascension Trust, where Christian adults with a concern for their community undergo training to voluntarily patrol the streets of towns and cities at night, helping and caring for people in practical ways.

The charity now has more than 13,000 trained volunteers and 250 teams operating across the UK. Volunteers spend their evenings out in town and city centre locations providing support to young people, with anything from finding them a taxi home to handing out flip flops to women with sore feet.

Luminar’s chief executive Peter Marks said: “I spent a night with a Street Pastors team in Sutton in Surrey and soon realised what an invaluable job they do. They give up their own time to walk the streets, looking after people who need their support, with anything from making sure they get home safely to finding medical support.

“We genuinely care about our customers and there’s a natural synergy here as we want to make sure that people have a safe and enjoyable night out.”

Brian Arnott, the Street Pastors coordinator for partnership development, added: “Our volunteers work really hard to build good relationships with late-night operators and, in the areas where we patrol, we’ve seen a significant reduction in crime with people feeling much safer.

“It’s fantastic that Luminar has taken this step forward to supply flip flops for customers at its clubs nationwide. It’s a solid link for us and will help us to continue to work together and provide support for our communities.”

Luminar is the UK’s largest nightclub operator with 53 venues across the UK, employing more than 2,000 people.

Pictured: Peter Marks and Brian Arnott
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