Luscombe launches ginger beer with added passsion fruit

Passionate Ginger Beer

Luscombe Drinks in Devon has added a new ginger beer to its portfolio, blending in the subtle flavours of passion fruit.

The new Passionate Ginger Beer joins the existing Hot and Cool Ginger Beers which are all available in 32cl crown cap bottles.

The fresh root ginger is milled at Luscombe the day before the rest of the ingredients are added to make all three ginger beers. The Passionate Ginger Beer contains 6% of real organic passion fruit juice.

Gabriel David, managing director of Luscombe Drinks, said: “Our ginger beers have a huge following and the new Passionate Ginger Beer brings another dimension to these.

“Along with the Cranberry Crush, they make a compelling offering as a serious alternative for the non-drinker. No longer the poor cousin, the driver gets the very best, if Luscombe has anything to do with it.”

Vivid red and elegantly presented in an embossed glass bottle, Luscombe’s Cranberry Crush is made with organic cranberries combined with Madagascan bourbon vanilla plus a subtle hint of Damascene rose water which softens the crisp sharpness of the berries. It comes in both 74cl and 32cl screw cap bottles.

Established in 1975, Luscombe Drinks is a family-owned business based on a farm in south Devon. The range is hand-made in small batches and has subtle variations in taste or colour depending on the conditions their growers encountered during the season.

The drinks often have sediments, which is evidence of their authenticity and proof that Luscombe uses as few juicing processes as possible.

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