Lyaness unveils latest ingredient-led cocktail menu

Lyaness new cocktail menu

Ryan Chetiyawardana’s London cocktail bar Lyaness is launching the next phase in a playful cocktail list centred around seven core ingredients.

Lyaness opened its doors at Sea Containers London hotel in March 2019, replacing Ryan’s award-winning cocktail den Dandeylan.

The bar’s first menu took seven recognisable ingredients and manipulated them into “unfamiliar and exciting forms”, resulting in Infinite Banana, Purple Pineapple, King Monkey Nut, Onyx, Aromatised Milk Wine, Old Fashioned Whisky and Ultra Raspberry. For each bespoke ingredient, the Lyaness team created three suggested serves.

The concept at the heart of the menu will remain the same, however the latest iteration sees four new additions to the list: Peach Emoji, Vegan Honey, Lyaness Tea-mooth and Golden Levain.

The first new ingredient is Peach Emoji. The Lyaness team wanted to pick off the flavours in peach which are usually missed to make a “full-bodied, complex ingredient” for cocktails. Looking at all elements of the fruit – stone, skin, and flesh – each is put through a different process before being combined to create “an elevated version of a peach liqueur”.

Vegan Honey is made by replicating the honey-making process of bees. Using enzymes, Lyaness has produced its own range of inverted sugar syrups inspired by the flavour profiles of honeys from around the world.

To create the third ingredient, Lyaness Tea-mooth, Lyaness collaborated with Henrietta Lovell of Rare Tea Company. The team take the Lyaness Rare Tea blend and put it through a number of different processes such as fermentation before blending it back together to create an alcoholic ‘vermouth’ made entirely from tea.

Finally, Golden Levain explores the unifying flavour of yeast across Champagne, bread, pastry and beer. A rich syrup is crated using sourdough starter, which is mixed with miso and sake kasu before being baked and then blitzed with sugar and water.

Three ingredients from the original menu will remain: Infinite Banana, Purple Pineapple and Onyx, featuring new suggested serves. Customers are also encouraged to use the bespoke ingredients to add new twists and flavours to their favourite drinks.

Lyaness new cocktails

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