Lyre’s non-alcoholic spirits debut in the UK

A new range of alcohol-free spirits and liqueurs under the brand Lyre’s has arrived in the UK via distributor Proof Drinks.

The Lyre’s portfolio currently boasts 13 different spirits and liqueurs, including gin, whisky, rum, dry and sweet vermouth, absinthe, triple sec, amaretto and coffee liqueur.

Lyre’s has been developed to recreate the “tell-tale burn of alcohol”, as well as “delivering the closest possible match of bouquet, taste and palate-weight” as consumers’ favourite beverages

The range took over three years of development working with a leading food engineering company, utilising a library of over 6,000 extracts, essences and distillates. Described as the “most complicated” variant, Rosso Vermouth contains a mix of more than 30 different ingredients.

The name and design of the brand is inspired by the Australian Lyrebird, a species notable for its ability to mimic natural and artificial sounds. Each bottle’s label bears a anthropomorphic illustration by renowned stencil artist Joe White, based on an animal native to each spirit’s original country.

Lyre’s Spirits CEO Mark Livings said: “We didn’t want to craft original flavours that were botanical. We wanted to get as close as possible to those time tested and universally loved flavours of original spirits.

“We really wanted to give people an incredible toolkit to use in terms of making classic cocktails, as well as cocktails that they themselves may be inspired to create.”

Paul Ferguson, founder and director of Proof Drinks, added: “Lyre’s is an extremely exciting new range and we’re thrilled to have them on board.

“When we first tried the cocktails, we couldn’t believe the similarity to their alcoholic counterparts. It’s a complete revelation, and we can’t wait to bring them to everyone in the UK.”

More new products are expected to be introduced to the Lyre’s portfolio in 2019.

Lyre's Non-Alcoholic Spirits range

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