Maison Villivert has launched a brand-new spiced rum inspired by the legendary female pirate, Anne Bonny.

Over the past five years, spiced and flavoured rum sales in the UK have surged by 80%1, reflecting the spirit’s universal appeal.

Anne Bonny offers a unique blend of Caribbean rum, aged with spices and tropical fruit flavours, delivering a smooth profile with notes of caramel and vanilla. This mixable spirit is a tribute to the bold and adventurous spirit of its namesake.

Combining Jamaica, Dominican Republic and La Réunion, blending British, Spanish and French traditions, to create a fresh take on a timeless spirit. With 44%2 of rum consumed in cocktails, Anne Bonny’s style makes it perfect for using in a daring mix-up.

The story of Anne Bonny, a woman who defied the norms of her era to embrace a life of adventure, inspired this rum. Her legacy of breaking boundaries and living boldly is captured in every bottle.

Creator, Jean-Sébastien Robicquet, said: “Anne Bonny’s story has intrigued me for over 15 years. Her saga of affirmation and survival, her determination and resilience, continues to inspire us today. She reminds us all that true courage lies in the ability to fight for our freedom, and with her rum, we celebrate this boldness, her deep friendships, and are encouraged to build a world where inclusiveness and equality are not mere ideals, but concrete realities.”

Chris Jones, of Maison Villevert UK subsidiary Paragon Brands, said: “Anne Bonny is more than just a spirit, it is a tribute to an inspiring past, inviting rum enthusiasts and beginners alike to embrace their adventurous side and enjoy a drink that celebrates freedom.

“With 30% of 18–24-year-olds being regular consumers of rum3, our goal was to offer a contemporary twist on a beloved classic. Truly a rum without boundaries, we’re certain that Anne Bonny’s high-quality ingredients will allow people to enjoy neat or in a variety of bold recipes.”

Anne Bonny is available in the UK in 70cl bottles, made to 40% ABV. RRP: £39.99

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