Makers of nicotine transfer film seek distribution in on-trade


A new product has been introduced that gives smokers and e-cigarette users instant access to nicotine through a leaf-thin natural film placed on the gum.

Swedish manufacturer Nicoccino is targeting it for sale through pubs, bars and clubs as well as retailers so that smokers can comply with the smoking ban and avoid e-cigarettes.

Developed over 10 years, Nicoccino is a leaf-thin natural film which contains 1mg of pure nicotine, equivalent to one regular-strength cigarette. It is placed under the lip and on to the gum, where it quickly and efficiently delivers nicotine without tobacco, tar and the smell associated with smoking.

Using only natural ingredients with an alginate base, Nicoccino is produced to strict pharmaceutical standards in factories in the US and Europe.

Nicoccino chief executive Michel Bracke said: “Nicoccino will cause a stir, as it’s the first time that anyone has been able to create a pure nicotine containing product for smokers that truly delivers an instant effect.”

Nicoccino’s patented Oral Dissolvable Film enables an immediate transfer into the bloodstream through the body’s mucosa. The original Nicoccino is lightly flavoured with natural lemon and mint oils.

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