Making Spirits Bright

Dave Thorn, Assistant General Manager of the Wine Bar at Carousel, shares five tips to elevate your venue’s Christmas serves this festive period. 


Use fresh herbs to garnish your drinks, to add a greater aroma and enhance the taste of your festive serves. For example, adding a sprig of rosemary or thyme as a garnish to a spiced gin cocktail can add a lot of character to the drink.


Smoked or spiced offerings can work really well, but be careful to not overdo it! Too much cinnamon or star anise can really overpower the drink and turn it into an unbalanced cocktail – less is always more!


Add flavoured sugar or salt rims to your cocktail glasses to add a bit more of a punch, and enhance those Christmas flavours in your drink without having to create different syrups and infusions. For example, try adding a cinnamon and sugar rim on a Sidecar or Daiquiri.


Mulled wine is great, but sometimes a hot drink isn’t  what guests want – try serving mulled wine over ice in a wine glass with fresh raspberries or orange slices. You get all those wintery flavours in a refreshing, sangria-style drink!


Avoid adding tons of new cocktails onto your list at Christmas time, as this can add extra pressure on your bar staff and could mean that service slows down at your busiest periods. Instead, create twists on your current cocktail list so that the offering is still strong, but won’t overload your staff, and the customers will receive a greater service.

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