Manchester’s 20 Stories offers photographic cocktails

20 Stories cocktails

Manchester restaurant and bar 20 Stories has launched a new drinks menu, featuring six new ‘photographic cocktails’ complete with edible printed images.

The team, headed up by senior bartender David Stanley, hope to bring an exciting, new experience to the Manchester bar scene by drawing upon seasonal ingredients and new technology.

Customers will be able to taste the variety of edible images printed on their drink, created using a new printing machine, which “epitomise the stunning views of Manchester provided by 20 Stories and create perfect photo opportunities”.

Examples include Nicolas Sage, which David describes as savoury, strange and intriguing, with a touch of fruit, and Cream & Green, a cocktail “born from simple flavour pairings and ideas”, such as Hendricks gin with cucumber and black pepper, cucumber with sour cream and sour cream with lemon. Several no-ABV cocktails are also available.

20 Stories cocktails
Photo by Jack Kirwin

David said: “Just in these six drinks we are utilising a lot of new and old techniques, including fortification, fermentation, carbonation, and more.

“Using seasonal ingredients is very important, as the quality of the products we use to create these drinks is the foundation of what ends up in the glass in front of the customer.

“The new machinery is full colour printing and can produce up to A4 size, which is more than enough for our purposes. The only limitation is that we can only print in 2D. Perhaps one day, we’ll be able to break into that tricky third dimension of printing!”

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