Marco Beverage Systems debuts its smart coffee brewer, the JET6 Twin



Marco Beverage Systems, one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of hot beverage equipment since 1980, is proud to be at the pinnacle of the European coffee market after debuting their JET6 Twin about at the Host show in Milan in October.

JET6 Twin is a filter coffee brewer with a vacuum insulated dispenser, and it comes with an optional paired grinder meant to “slave” right next to the brew device. It can brew between two to 12 litres of coffee at a time and features a handy touch-screen interface. JET6 Twin was designed to SCAE Gold Cup brewing standards, which is kind of an industry codified way of saying, “it brews coffee well” – it’s an internationally respected set of rules on brewing filter coffee. JET6 Twin is also sleek and cool looking, which has become something of a Marco product standard over the years with equipment such as the Uber Boiler.

From the display you can set the primary mode of operation (grinder, pack or manual). Then you are guided through a quick calibration procedure for the brewer and the grinder, and you enter numbers back into the system. After that you set up your desired coffee to water ratio (eg 60g/L), and define your preset brews in terms of the volume of beverage you want, and the brew time (water dispense time), and the machine does the maths.

So when you want to brew a batch, you select the volume of coffee you want, the machine guides you through the steps, initiates the grinder to give you the required dose, and then initiates the brewing cycle. That’s the core functionality – on top of that you have stuff like real-time clock so you can automatically turn the machine on and off when not in use, and SD card slot for updating software / graphics, and some other surprises for further down the line.

In certain variants the tank will almost completely drain by the end of the brew, we are storing as little water as possible. People sometimes think of good engineering as being belts and braces, excess, over-engineering. Marco Beverage Systems like to think of good engineering as “just enough”. Waste is waste, whether it is heat/energy, material, time.

JET6 Twin will be available in 2016 with a specific date to follow. Enquiries are welcome online at through Marco Beverage Systems’ sales department or through any of their distributors.

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