Martin Miller’s Summerful Gin Is The ‘Bee’s Knees’ This Spring

With the spring / summer 2022 season on the horizon, Martin Miller’s Gin – the most awarded gin brand since 2004 – has released a new limited batch of its first-ever seasonal variant, Martin Miller’s Summerful Gin.  And once again, the Martin Miller’s Gin ‘Bee’s Knees’ cocktail will take centre stage as the brand partners with beekeepers, honey producers and venues around the country in a week-long activation to support the UN’s World Bee Day on 20th May 2022. Martin Miller’s Summerful GinReleased on 21st April – the first day of summer in the Icelandic calendar – Martin Miller’s Summerful Gin is inspired by all things ‘summer’ and its main characteristic is freshness.  It is created from the iconic blend of Martin Miller’s Original Gin, a signature balance of citrus and juniper: but a third distillation of botanicals from England and Iceland’s spring and summer seasons – Arctic Thyme and Rosemary – is added as a further homage to the brand’s dual heritage, which sees its English distilled gin blended with the purest Iceland spring water for a silky, softer mouthfeel. Arctic thyme brings a floral bouquet of flavour and distinctive earthy notes with hints of citrus and mint wonderfully mixed with the fresh flavour of lemon and pine aromas found in rosemary.

World Bee Week, 16 – 23 May 2022This year, Martin Miller’s Gin is taking its bee suit on the road, setting up initiatives with bars and restaurants in London, Manchester, and Edinburgh.  Each city will see honey supplied in the branded cocktail kits from local honey producers – Bermondsey Street Bees, Edinburgh Honey Co and Manchester & District Beekeepers Association.  Every serve given will be accompanied by an information leaflet and complimentary thyme seeds for customers to plant at home and encourage their own thriving bee community.  Known to attract all variety of bees, the thyme seeds also provide a much-needed reminder of the importance of planting, and the role that this plays in allowing bees to thrive within an urban environment. The Bee’s Knees initiative will also see Martin Miller’s Gin partner with ‘Pollinating London Together’, a community of several of the City of London’s Livery Companies brought together by The Wax Chandlers.  This community of experts share knowledge on pollination and curate partnerships to help support these natural pollinators and help them thrive. 

Martin Miller’s Gin is the Bee’s Knees

A classic, refreshing summer cocktail, composed of gin, honey and lemon. The humble thyme botanical is the hero here, which is heightened to grassy notes when combined with the honey and lemon.  Did you know?  Thyme is known to attract all variety of bees.


50ml Martin Miller’s SUMMERFUL Gin25ml fresh lemon juice20ml Bermondsey Street Bees Exmoor Honey [tailor to the honey we include]


Add the gin, lemon juice and honey to a shaker with some iceShake until chilledStrain into a cocktail glass

Some of the bars confirmed to take part are – Duchess of Dalston in Shoreditch, Callooh Callay in Chelsea and Murder Inc in Soho, Head & Tails in Edinburgh, and Mecanica, Schofields Bar and 10 Tib Lane in Manchester. Kirsty Loftus, who heads up Martin Miller’s Gin in the UK, comments: “We had an incredible response to this campaign last year and we’re thrilled to be taking this initiative around the country – and for longer.  The humble thyme is the magic ingredient for both our Summerful gin and in the mission to save our bees.  Our honey partners could not be more aligned with Martin Miller’s Gin in both its quest for high quality and perfection, but also for their sustainability values.”

World Bee Day

This year, the United Nations has selected 20 May 2022 as World Bee Day.  Created to draw attention to the importance of pollinators and sustainable means to support their development, while combating the threats they face, World Bee Day aims to educate the public on the importance of bees and the key role pollinators play in both food supply and biodiversity.

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