Martini launches pair of non-alcoholic aperitivo-style drinks

Martini Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo

Bacardi is venturing into the alcohol-free drinks category with the release of Martini Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo.

Comprising two variants, Vibrante and Floreale, Martini Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo has been created for occasions when consumers are choosing not to drink alcohol, but still want to enjoy a sophisticated and refreshing drink or cocktail.

Taking the same wines that are used in Martini’s classic vermouths, the alcohol is gently removed and infused with a selection of sustainably-sourced botanicals.

Vibrante balances natural botanicals and Italian bergamot, resulting in a “fruity aperitivo” that is “characteristically Martini”, while Floreale “takes inspiration from the delicate sweetness of Roman chamomile”, combined with botanicals to create a “unique floral tasting experience”.

Both liquids are suggested served as a Martini Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo & Tonic, combining 75ml of Vibrante or Floreale with 75ml tonic over a generous serving of ice in a balloon glass and an orange wheel to garnish.

Martini’s master blenders also recommend a simple serve of 75ml Martini Non-Alcoholic Aperitivo with the addition of ice, allowing drinkers to appreciate the “depth and complexity” of the aperitif.

Nick Stringer, global vice president of Martini, said: “In the past, deciding not to drink alcohol meant a fizzy water while everyone else enjoyed cocktails; or staying at home on a Friday while your friends go out and enjoy aperitivo time.

“However, times are changing, and consumers don’t want to feel like they are missing out when they are being more mindful about their drinking.

“At the heart our iconic brand is the idea of Martini Time – bringing friends together, in the real world, to enjoy aperitivo at the start of an evening.

“This launch is all about providing choice for consumers, ensuring they can still enjoy Martini Time, whether they are drinking alcohol or not.”

Ivano Tonutti, Martini’s master herbalist, added: “As pioneers of non-alcoholic vermouths, almost 100 years ago, we’ve drawn on our expertise to revitalise the aperitivo with our distinctive Italian style.

“With Martini Non-Alcoholic Vibrante and Martini Non-Alcoholic Floreale, we wanted to create deliciously complex drinks that retain the very essence of our vermouths.”

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