Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin adds seasonal pear and pepper release

Masons Peppered Pear gin

A new limited edition has been released for Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin, accentuating botanicals of pepper and pear.

Only 5,000 bottles of Masons Peppered Pear have been produced, following on from the success of other variants in the range such as Yorkshire Tea Edition and Lavender Edition.

Distilled in small batches using the traditional London dry gin method in a copper alembic still, the headline sweet and floral flavours of this limited edition are pepper and pear while angelica and cassia add an earthier aspect.

A generous amount of liquorice results in special sweetness coming through the gin. A range of botanical elements including pink peppercorns are added to create the perfect taste but Masons’ signature juniper, coriander and pepper finish remain the most important. It is bottled at 42% ABV.

Karl Mason, co-founder of Masons Dry Yorkshire Gin, said: “We are continuing to grow our business and expand our premium gin range so to create an exclusive Peppered Pear edition is extremely exciting.”

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