Matthew Clark grows beer and cider portfolio

Matthew Clarke, The Bootlegger

Drinks group Matthew Clark has expanded its Boutique Beers and Cider House collections to include offerings from the UK and beyond, boasting a total of 400 products.

The range provides licensees with the opportunity to tap into the craft beer market, which according to CGA, has seen a 21% increase in sales, and now accounts for 10% of all beer sold.

Matthew Clark is dedicated to driving this growth forward by helping to build consumer knowledge of the category, while also driving greater awareness and education of craft beer amongst the on-trade.

Justin Wylde, beer category manager at Matthew Clark, said: “Outlets need to have a good spread of beers, so as not to dissuade people who are new to the craft category, but still have a point of interest for those who are further along in their craft journey.

“We’d recommend stocking a lager, an IPA or a pale ale, then to complete your range, trying something slightly different, such as a fruit pale ale, a wheat beer or a sour, if you’re feeling a little more experimental.”

New additions to the beer range include NOMAD, an Australian brewer using native Australian ingredients, Siren, an experimental, craft brewer from Berkshire, Thornbridge, a forerunner at the front of the British craft beer movement and Hardywood, an eco-friendly brewery that started as a childhood friendship, hailing from Richmond, Virginia.

For cider, the business recently recruited two new English producers; Kentish Pip and Cotswold Cider Co, as well as Sxollie from South Africa.

The new range was on display at Matthew Clark’s Boutique Beers event, which took place for the sixth time on 17 July showcasing the full range of 300 Boutique Beers and 100 Ciders, as well as a selection of hand-picked whiskies in the new section called The Grainworks.

Brochures for the beer and cider ranges are available for download.

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