MeatLiquor collaborates on Thai-inspired burger for charity

begging bowl burger

MeatLiquor has teamed up with Thai street food specialists The Begging Bowl to offer a new burger that will help raise funds for charity.

The limited-edition Begging Bowl burger (pictured) is a delicious mess of grilled chicken marinated in traditional Thai-style sauce infused with sweet pickled cucumbers, coriander leaves and fresh red chilies.

It is topped with sriracha sauce which has been imported specially from Thailand, and wrapped tightly in a rice flour bun.

It is available now at MeatLiquor restaurants in Leeds, Brighton and London for £10.50. For every burger sold, they will donate £1 to charity Action Against Hunger which helps save the lives of malnourished children in over 40 countries.

The burger has come out of a collaboration by MeatLiquor founders Scott Collins and Yianni Papoutsis with Jane Alty, the head chef and co-owner of Thai street food destination The Begging Bowl in Peckham in south-east London.

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