Mermaid Salt Vodka rolls out nationally with new look

Mermaid Salt Vodka

The Isle of Wight Distillery has refreshed the image of Mermaid Salt Vodka to coincide with its UK launch.

The grain-based spirit is being made available nationally for the first time, following the relaunch of Mermaid Gin and the introduction of its pink expression.

The vodka is now packaged in a white version of the distinctive plastic-free bottle used for both gins, with an all-natural cork and wooden top, complemented by a plant-based, biodegradable seal.

To create Mermaid Salt Vodka, a grain-based spirit is infused post-distillation with locally-sourced sea salt from Wight Salt. The salt is naturally evaporated by sun and wind, which is said to give it a depth of flavour and distinct sweetness.

Xavier Baker, co-founder of the Isle of Wight Distillery, said: “This island is rich in amazing ingredients which we love to use – whether it’s the rock samphire and Boadicea hops in our signature gin or the addition of local strawberries to Mermaid Pink.

“This, however, was the first time we ventured into the surrounding seas for an ingredient. Perfect on its own over ice or with a mixer, it also really layers on a unique savoury element for cocktails that you just can’t get with other vodkas.”

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