Metaxa 12 Stars relaunches this autumn

This autumn the House of Metaxa is relaunching Metaxa 12 Stars, which also coincides with the appointment of a new ambassador, Mike Horn (pictured).

Delivering new levels of smoothness, the 12 Stars expression is a complex spirit, which heightens the senses and embodies both Spyros Metaxa and Mike Horn’s values of courage, exploration and authenticity.

A deep golden amber, Metaxa 12 Stars should be served neat or with a large cube of ice. It boasts fragrant notes of toasted oak, fruit and spices, which meet with dried flowers, spicy herbs, chocolate, coffee, dried prunes and orange peel to create a rich, silky feeling before sipping. The drinker will then experience the taste of dark cocoa, liquorice, dried orange, honeyed figs and prunes which develop on the palate, completing the sensory experience.

“After an achievement to be shared in a moment of authentic friendship, I enjoy a fine drink, naturally a Metaxa 12 Stars,” said Mike Horn.

Premium new packaging for the 12 Stars features Spyros Metaxa’s signature, engraved elegantly on both sides of the bottle and also bears the emblem of Metaxa: a golden Salamina Warrior standing proud as a symbol of courage, carrying the roots of the House. The bottom of the bottle aims to bring to mind a fine drinking glass and is sealed with a deep blue cap.

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