Mexican craft beer ranges arrive in UK with Heathwick

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Two high-quality Mexican craft beer ranges are being introduced in the UK through leading importer Heathwick.

They are Cucapá from Cerveceria de Baja California in Mexicali and C5 Saga from Cinco de Mayo (C5) Brewery in Atlixco de Puebla, available in 355ml bottles.

Graham Richardson, general manager at Heathwick, said: “The thriving Mexican beer scene is an exciting newcomer to the global craft beer renaissance having gathered pace over the last three years.

“Ever on the look out for the next big trend, we have identified a niche in the UK market for Mexican craft beers after high levels of interest from our customers.”

Cerveceria de Baja California is one of the pioneering microbrewers in Mexico, combining the skill and innovation of American brewers with local ingredients and Mexican flair to create a high-quality range of craft beers.

Cucapá means “people of the water” and is named in honour of the native tribe of Baja California who live on the delta of the Colorado river. The range comprises:

Cucapa Clasica, at 4.5% ABV, featuring sweet and fruit aromas from Cascade and Amarillo hops, malt flavours with bread, biscuit and wheat characters. It pairs well with spicy foods or salmon and was a silver medal winner at the 2009 World Beer Championships.

Cucapa Honey Amber Ale, at 4.5% ABV, which combines American hops of a citrus nature (Colombus, Goldings) with a high degree of malt to provide a fruity taste and acidic finish. The addition of natural honey gives another dimension to the beer’s flavour profile. It pairs well with poultry, grilled meats and fish and was a gold medal winner at the World Beer Championships and LA County Fair Beer Competition.

Cucapa Chupacabras American Pale Ale, at 5.8% ABV, which is named after a present-day mythical creature said to prey on livestock. Reddish-amber in colour, it smells and taste like hops (Colombus, Chinook and Cascade), caramel and malt with notes of fruit, toasted bread and cake and goes wonderfully with meatloaf and cheeses.

The Cinco de Mayo (C5) brewery, founded in 2012, produces C5 SAGA Spiced Blonde Ale, at 6% ABV. Created with a base malt and spiced with orange peel and coriander, this golden beer is fruity and fresh with citrus notes and marries perfectly with spicy foods, Mexican cuisine, chilli and marmalade marinades.

Cinco de Mayo, or May 5, is one of the most important dates in Mexican history after the Mexicans surprisingly beat the mighty French army in 1862 at the Battle de Puebla. The beer takes its name “saga” from the series of events leading up to the battle.

Graham added: “The two new Mexican breweries we are launching have been carefully selected for their unique, high-quality beers and their ability to pair well with foods, particularly Tex-Mex and Mexican-style dishes. We urge the trade to get behind this exciting opportunity and include Mexican beers in their craft beer line-up.”

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