Midlands brewer launches spirits inspired by Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinder spirits

A range of spirits has been launched by Midlands brewer Sadler’s to tie in with the success of TV series Peaky Blinders.

Under the name of Peaky Blinder, it has launched Irish Whiskey, Spiced Dry Gin and Black Spiced Rum, celebrating traditional flavours from the 1920s when the drama is set but with a modern twist.

Peaky Blinders, now in its fourth series on BBC2, is mainly filmed in the Black Country, telling the story of a gangster family based in the Birmingham area. It is inspired by a real group of Birmingham criminals nicknamed the Peaky Blinders.

Based in Stourbridge in the Black Country, Sadler’s has been producing beer for more than 100 years but it was once also known as a supplier of dark and white spirits. The new spirits are based on traditional flavours but given a modern twist inspired by other aspects of Black Country life.

The bold, smooth and triple-distilled Irish Whiskey is a nod to the gang’s favourite spirit and the region’s Irish community.

The small-batch, hand-crafted Spiced Dry Gin is made with exotic spices and other botanicals to complement the Indian cuisine that the Black Country has become famous for.

The Black Spiced Rum gives another tip of the hat to the traditional spirit that the Sadler’s family would have offered customers in the 1920s, brought up to date with essences of orange, nutmeg, vanilla and raisin.

All are available in 70cl bottles at 40% ABV, with a recommended price in retail of £25.

Creative and point-of-sale materials are reminiscent of the art direction in the BBC series to make it instantly recognisable. It includes the strapline, “Who’s gonna stop us? Nobody.” – a line from Arthur Shelby, one of the Peaky Blinders in the TV show.

The launch coincides with a bold new logo for Sadler’s, inspired by the Black Country’s historical landscape, which will feature on redesigned packaging, aimed at reinforcing the brand’s long-standing heritage, industrial roots and craftsmanship credentials.

The new-look packaging will be rolled out initially across the Peaky Blinder spirits and ales range – which includes Peaky Blinder Black IPA – as well as its Worcester Sorcerer ale.

Chris Sadler, fifth-generation brewer of the Sadler’s family, said: “Our mission is to create products that are one of a kind, with their own unique story and we believe we’ve well and truly done that with the launch of our Peaky Blinder spirits range.

“Back in those days it was about grafting and crafting, whether that was legitimate work or activities only the Peaky Blinders would be associated with, but either way, it’s that hardworking, uncompromising Black Country attitude we’ve looked to instil into this new range.

“You can almost feel transported back to those streets, to those bars, to the sights and sounds of old-school Black Country when you enjoy these drinks – it’s a great experience!”

Anja Weise-O’Connor, senior marketing manager for Sadler’s at distributor Halewood Wines & Spirits, added: “Sadler’s has established itself as one of the country’s true craft alcohol powerhouses and we’re confident this new line of spirits will make just as strong an impression as its ales have.

“Coinciding the launch with the latest series of the cult Peaky Blinders TV show will create a fantastic sales opportunity for retailers. Additionally, the brand’s new creative across its logo, labelling and other marketing collateral, is certainly going to help it stand out in the competitive craft beer and spirit categories.”

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