Miezis & Ko Vecrīga

Labietis, Latvia

Embedded in the streets of Labietis, Latvia, Miezis & Ko Vecrīga was born as the first craft brewery in Latvia. Bar Manager at Miezis, Adelīna Lenša, tells us all about the venue, how it all began, and where they are now.

What was the inspiration behind your venue?

“The company is the first craft brewery in Labietis. For some years, we have been involved in the craft beer bar business and felt that there was a space in town for bars with a variety of craft beers.

“Since we were already in the industry, and considered ourselves to know good beer, we have been pretty successful in offering the highest quality brews on 20 taps. 10 taps are always dedicated to products from local craft breweries and 10 for imported craft beers. 

“Our bar is a place where you can find your favourite craft beer regardless of your experience in the drinks industry; whether you are a beginner looking for your first IPA or an expert in lambics and pilsners, you’ll be able to find plenty of choice here.”

How would you describe your experience in building the business?

“We opened the bar in a challenging time – at the end of 2018, with most of 2019 dedicated to building up a name for our corner in the Old Town Riga district. Shortly after, the pandemic hit and with it came the many rules on keeping the business open during those times. That made it all much more difficult, but we managed to maintain the freshness of our products thanks to our good connections in the Latvian brewing scene.”

What makes your venue stand out?

“I would say it’s the variety of our offering, which always covers most brewing styles and tastes. ‘20 beers on tap’ means that you can pour a tiny taster that allows for the highest possible level of customer service – the customer has the freedom to explore tastes before their choice falls on a certain brew. 

“I would also add that our interior design plays a role in making our venue stand out. It contrasts the heavy and dark beer cellar layout, bringing to the table a light and contemporary-cut urban feel of a modern beer hall.”

What can UK bar operators learn from you?

“I only have one thing to say: be the first bar that springs into the minds of local craft breweries when it comes to the release of a new beer or celebrating their milestones!”

We really admire Miezis’ ambition and belief in their own abilities to carry out an efficient and successful business plan. We think they are a great example of what can be done if you know your audience and trust your instinct – and have a reliable relationship with local companies! 

We hope you enjoyed the read, and we wish you good luck with any business plans you might have.

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