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Ben Lockwood, On Trade Customer Marketing Manager at BrewDog PLC, tells readers more about the brand, the value of the range to wet-led venues and why it’s a firm favourite amongst guests. 

Please tell our readers about BrewDog and the range on offer for wet-led venues.

We are the leading craft beer brand in the UK, on a mission to make people as passionate about great craft beer as we are. We do that through a beer range that meets the different needs of the consumer and our customers. From our iconic IPAs to a refreshing lager that not only tastes great, but is good for the planet and our latest no-nonsense stout brewed in and for this century to offer choice, we have a beer for everyone, enabling bars to select the range that is right for them. 

How important is a high-quality beer range for bars, in terms of elevating the guest experience and increasing footfall and revenue?

Value for money and experience are key, with drinkers becoming even more demanding of a site’s range. More breadth, more quality, more premium options, as well as reliability and consistency from trusted brands is vital. Tapping into craft beer as an integral part of your drinks offer is catering for those guests and welcoming premiumisation within your business to drive loyalty and repeat visits.

Consider how to get the perfect blend of products to really elevate your drinks offer. Consider brand awareness and accessibility, the role a product might play locally, which brands are creating a buzz online and which stand for quality.

Every product should have a clear role and a reason for being, whilst encouraging premiumisation through very clear steps up the ‘ladder’ of your range. Avoid duplication wherever you can. Don’t fall into the trap of pouring too many lagers that are close to being the same, or having all your craft taps pouring similar IPAs. Think about using national craft to anchor the category before layering on top a New England IPA like Hazy Jane, or something local, and consider whether Alcohol Free on draught could be something memorable that enhances the experience for your site.

In a competitive environment such as the On Trade, creating memorable experiences is key to being successful. That might be achieved through amazing hospitality, service, and a welcoming atmosphere. Or, it might be all those things – plus an exciting and compelling drinks offer that includes high quality independent craft brands. Adding layers to your offer through more than just mainstream brands will resonate with your customers and give them more reasons to choose your venue for that special treat, over another.

How can BrewDog’s offerings appeal to a wide range of consumers?

We’re proud to have a portfolio that genuinely does offer something for everyone. That means high quality, great tasting, accessible beers, like Lost Lager which is perfectly placed to recruit, whilst the phenomenal success and popularity of Hazy Jane, as a New England IPA, caters for those looking to explore a bit further.

For those that are new to craft beer, Lost Lager is a great way to introduce them to the broader category and is ranked #1 in five key consumer equity metrics, as validated by external research from CGA Brandbuilder, including:

  • #1 for Brand Image
  • #1 for Innovative/Exciting
  • #1 for On Trend
  • #1 for Would Recommend
  • #1 for Sustainability 

Lost Lager consumers are generally more affluent and drink out more often, having a higher spend per month on eating and drinking out than the average lager consumer, demonstrating its position as a key recruitment tool, bringing more consumers into the wider craft beer category. 

IPA is the heartland of craft beer and we offer three distinctly different IPAs on draught as part of our headliner range. The original, Punk IPA (5.2% abv), is bold, hoppy, tropical, while Hazy Jane (5% abv) is a New England Style IPA, packing all the flavour – smooth, fruity, juicy – but with a little less alcohol. Wingman is the latest addition to the range, tapping into the growing trend for session-strength IPA. It is easy drinking with a steady boozing altitude of 4.3% ABV, aiming to drive excitement and additional value into craft beer. 

Finally, Stout is a category with clear momentum, now worth over £1 billion in the UK On Trade, and growing its share of total beer to 8.1% from 6.9% over the last 12 months. With more choice now available, and BrewDog Black Heart attracting a younger, more affluent drinker we expect this will only continue in 2024.

Black Heart represents a significant opportunity to drive sales and grow margin for operators.  With the quality credentials of BrewDog, we’re proud to be giving operators genuine choice within this sub-category and the potential to increase profits by recruiting new users, while also converting established stout drinkers. 

What are the benefits of offering BrewDog for venues? 

Thanks to its leading brand position and the highest purchase intent of other craft beer brands, BrewDog provides venues with a great opportunity to drive significant margin. This is reinforced by our research, which shows that 51% of craft drinkers would choose BrewDog brands if available.

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