Premium mixers added to Bottlegreen range

bottlegreen flavoured tonic water serve evBottlegreen Drinks is stepping up its position as a premium cocktail mixer with the launch of two flavoured tonic waters: Pink Tonic Water and Elderflower Tonic Water.

They both draw their inspiration from Bottlegreen’s cordial and sparkling pressé flavours and are packaged in 175ml glass bottles with the same elegant design as other Bottlegreen products.

The Pink Tonic Water blends the contrasting flavours of sweet pomegranate with the bitterness of quinine and classic floral notes of elderflower, adding a dash of pink to a classic G&T.

Drawing on the brand’s signature elderflower flavour, the Elderflower Tonic Water has an instantly bitter note that releases into a lingering elderflower finish, providing a delicate twist to a traditional gin or vodka tonic or for enjoying as a drink on its own.

Bottlegreen, which is part of the SHS Drinks portfolio, has created a signature serve for the Pink Tonic, mixing it with gin or vodka in an ice-filled Collins glass with a garnish of a pink grapefruit wedge, or a slice of lime.

The two new lines have made their debut in selected Fuller’s managed pubs in the south where they are being partnered with Tanqueray Gin on branded chalk boards and summer menus. Other point-of-sale items include gold-coloured branded swizzle sticks.

Nick Corden, retail marketing manager at Fuller’s, said: “Fuller’s Inns are excited to be partnering with both Bottlegreen and Tanqueray Gin to be the first to launch this exciting new premium serve across our top 100 sites. This is a great opportunity to delight our customers with the coolest drink of the summer: gin and pink.”

Bottlegreen managing director Simon Speers said: “These stylish and elegant mixers bring theatre to the mixer category. They perfectly enhance and augment high-end quality spirits and can also be enjoyed alone as refreshing soft drinks.

“Their versatility makes them a natural extension to the Bottlegreen range and their launch marks a significant stepping up of our programme to establish Bottlegreen as the ultimate premium cocktail mixer.

“As well as opening up new opportunities for the brand, the Bottlegreen tonic waters will also bring a new, fresh and contemporary dimension to the £207.5million mixer sector in pubs and clubs.”

Bottlegreen is also running a “Handpicked for Summer” campaign for its Elderflower Cordial and sparkling pressé, positioning them as a quintessential part of the British summer.

Launched to tie in with the start of the elderflower season, activities include elegant limited-edition bottle designs featuring bespoke illustrations across the entire Bottlegreen elderflower range – 500ml cordial bottles as well as 750ml, and for the first time, 275ml sparkling elderflower pressé bottles.

A range of elderflower-inspired food recipes for the summer have been created, using elderflower cordial as a key ingredient, by Sophie Michell, executive chef at the Belgraves Hotel in London.

It is supported by consumer PR and advertising in lifestyle magazines, on-the-road sampling with Bottlegreen’s tandem bikes at key events around the country and a digital campaign rewarding and building on the brand’s 14,000 fan base.

Simon said: “Bottlegreen has been hand-picking elderflowers for over 20 years during the elderflower harvest, which takes place over a six-week period. Once the flowers are picked, we deploy wine-making techniques and a cold filtration process to create the clean and crisp flavours of the elderflower-infused cordials and sparkling pressés.

“This year we are celebrating the elderflower season with an unprecedented level of activity which aims to showcase Bottlegreen cordial and sparkling pressés as the ultimate, refreshing summer drink, whilst demonstrating the versatility of the range and inspiring consumers with some creative ideas on how Bottlegreen can deliver a delicate burst of summer flavour into sweet and savoury dishes.”

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