Mixologist devises simple serves for Kopparberg

Kopparberg cloudberry lime elderflowerMixologist Susie Wong has worked with Swedish cider brand Kopparberg to develop simple new serves for its latest new variants.

Ideas include adding a garnish of pink grapefruit to Kopparberg Cloudberry over ice and serving Kopparberg Elderflower & Lime over ice with slices of cucumber. They were developed for the brand by Susie who works at Epernay in Manchester.

It followed a survey that showed that 65% of people were more likely to buy fruit cider in the summer. It also found that 37% chose cider when drinking in the sunshine, compared with 16% that chose beer. It is reflected in Kopparberg’s sales which were up 131% in July.

The Eclectics fruit cider range, launched earlier this year, is made up of Kopparberg With Cloudberry, using a Nordic berry, and Kopparberg With Elderflower & Lime, which has a light and floral taste enhanced by a squeeze of lime or a strawberry garnish.

Rob Calder, head of marketing at Kopparberg, said: “We are extremely pleased with how our Eclectics range and their perfect serves have been received. The new variants have proved to be hugely popular amongst our fans and have contributed to the rising sales that we’ve seen this summer.”

Kopparberg’s summer activity has included a tour of the UK festival circuit with its new bar installation called “The Happenings”. The Eclectic variants were such a hit at Parklife that the company enjoyed its highest-ever sales at any festival.

Kopparberg is encouraging fans on its social media profiles to post images of their cider and sunshine experiences with friends using the hashtag, #cidergarden.

“Cider and sunshine have become as natural bedfellows as fish and chips in this country so it’s no wonder people are referring to beer gardens as ‘cider gardens’,” Rob added, “and we feel this should become the norm as long as the sun is shining.”

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