Mojo creates cocktails with tea for Taylors

mojo leeds taylors of harrogateMojo bar in Leeds has teamed up with Taylors of Harrogate to create special cocktails using the supplier’s teas and coffees.

Bartenders Adam Wilson and Sam Fish created a “Taylors take” on five classic cocktails, using infusions and syrups made from products such as camomile tea, green tea and Earl Grey tea.

For example, they combined strong Yorkshire Tea with the light but flavoursome Jameson whiskey in a Whiskey Sour, adding depth and variety.

Adam said: “The chaps over at Taylors approached us about doing a cocktail masterclass for some of their team, and Sam and I put a few drinks together from various sources to showcase the different methods in which tea and coffee can be prepared for use in drinks.”

The cocktails were enjoyed by the Taylors team and have been featured on the company’s blog and social media pages via

Dom Dwight, head of internal communications development and brand communications manager at Taylors of Harrogate, said: “This seemed like the perfect opportunity to come up with something fun to share with our loyal online following.

“We loved the idea of asking the talented folk at Mojo to create some top-quality cocktail recipes we could share, and we were blown away by how well the different flavours worked together.

“We love demonstrating the potential of great tea and coffee to be full of fun as well as flavour.”


1/3 peach puree
½ part Taylors of Harrogate Camomile Tea
Top with Prosecco

Build in a champagne glass, no ice.

Whiskey Sour

2 parts Jameson Irish whiskey
1 part Lemon juice
1 part Yorkshire Tea Syrup
½ part Egg white
2 dashes Bitters

Shake and serve in a short glass with ice. Garnish with a slice of orange


2 parts Langtons No 1 Gin infused with Taylors Earl Grey
1 part Lemon juice
1 part Sugar syrup
Top with soda

Shake, strain and top with soda. Serve in a Collins glass with ice. Garnish with a lemon wheel.

Espresso Martini

1 part Aba Pisco
1 part White cacao
3 parts Taylors Hot Lava Java coffee

Shaken, served straight up in a martini glass.


1½ parts Havana Club rum
½ part The King’s Ginger liqueur
2 Lime wedges
8-10 Mint leaves
¾ Taylors Green Tea Syrup
¾ Fresh lime juice
Splash of soda water

Build in a tall glass and muddle together with crushed ice. Garnish with a lime wedge.

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