Molson Coors to help trade have ‘balance’ with beer

molson coors balance

Leading supplier Molson Coors is rolling out a new initiative across the on-trade to advise bar and pub operators on how to maximise their beer range.

Called “Balance”, it will use Molson Coors’ expertise to advise licensees on how they can achieve the perfect “balance” in their beer offering – getting the best range of mainstream, premium and craft options for their venue.

The initiative is based around three pillars: maximising core brands, encouraging trade up, and inspiring choice.

The initiative will see Molson Coors account managers visit bars and pubs to speak with operators about how they can use these three pillars to increase beer sales in an approach that will be tailored to specific venues.

Mark Bentley, on-trade category controller at Molson Coors, said: “We’re increasingly seeing consumers demanding more from outlets. What they are looking for varies widely dependant on a range of factors such as the type of occasion that they are on and who they are with.

“Having the right balance in a range has never been more important. To help with this we’ve launched Balance, our new initiative where we’ll be offering operators advice on how to create a product range that’s right for their outlet.

“We’ll be recommending mainstream products that offer value and volume, products from the growing craft sector, and premium products that give consumers the chance to trade up. We’re eager to help and would encourage operators to get in touch.”

“Maximising the core” is to ensure healthy beer sales through exciting consumers about their favourite trusted brands. It is based on insights such as 55% of lager drinkers consuming standard lager, representing 63% of serves. Mainstream lager drinkers also consume more per occasion than premium lager drinkers so getting this part of the category right is crucial.

“Encouraging trade up” will help to convert existing consumers into more premium areas of lager and ales. Customers are happy to pay more for premium choices, as long as they are delivered in the right way. It is important licensees take simple steps such as pouring drinks correctly and serving them in branded glassware.

“Inspiring choice” will help outlets to create more interest in beer by assisting consumers as they explore different products and flavours.

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