Monin digital masterclass series encourages bartenders’ creativity at home

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Monin has launched a new take on ‘Thirsty Thursdays’, to help bartenders and baristas alike challenge their creativity at home and inspire consumers.

The brand is running a series of interactive Facebook Live masterclasses supporting bartenders and baristas in trying something new, featuring two respected industry creatives – Kenji Jesse and Dan Fellows – who will be sharing their thoughts, insights and practice.

The sessions will centre around sharing experiences and recipes for the trade, covering alcoholic and non-alcoholic options, and discussions arounds flavours, textures, blends and balance.

Lee Hyde, beverage innovation manager at Monin, said: “Monin’s masterclass series is about providing support, guidance and skills to bartenders and baristas during this challenging time for the industry.

“We want to encourage baristas and bartenders to use this time to continue to further embrace their creativity and build their skills at home, whilst benefiting from market leading trends and thinking.

“With more than 100 years of beverage experience, and in collaboration with Dan and Kenji, we want to share our insight, trends and recipes more widely to help make a business difference when we are able to return to the post-lockdown world.

“Our aim is to provide an interactive digital platform that brings like-minded professionals together in a way that makes it inspiring and fun to experiment with new flavours, trends and thoughts, and try out something new.

“Times are tough for all, but we hope that every contribution that is looking to the future is valuable.”

Bartenders interested in joining can participate at 5pm every Thursday and baristas can join at 10am, all throughout June on Monin’s UK Facebook page.

Upcoming sessions include ‘Classic cocktails with a coffee twist’, which will be hosted by Dan on 11 June, exploring how to twist classic cocktails with coffee, and part two of ‘Cocktail journeys: adventures from across the globe’ on 18 June, with Kenji.

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