Monin grows its puree range with root vegetables

Monin Beetroot Carrot

The growing trend for vegetables and other plants in drinks has led Monin to launch two new purees made from beetroot and carrot.

They are the first vegetable flavours in Le Fruit de Monin range of fruit purees, suitable for cocktails and mocktails as well as smoothies and even coffee-based drinks.

Le Fruit de Monin Beetroot provides a natural, sweet flavour with a deep purple colour, presenting a striking look described as “Instagram worthy”.

Le Fruit de Monin Carrot has delicately sweet notes and can be used to give classic cocktails a natural, earthy twist.

Lee Hyde, beverage innovation manager for Monin UK and a former bartender, said: “Beetroot has long been a popular ingredient in healthy smoothies, but its versatility is often underrated.

“It makes a great addition to cocktails, mocktails and even hot drinks. For example, a beetroot latte, which is just steamed coconut milk and Le Fruit de Monin Beetroot, is very simple to serve but its bright purple appearance will be sure to impress customers.

“With the demand for low- and no-alcohol options set to gain momentum in 2018, mocktails remain on-trend. Le Fruit de Monin Carrot works particularly well in mocktails with more savoury ingredients due to its sweet and refreshing notes. For example, our twist on a classic Mojito is made with Le Fruit de Monin Carrot and lots of fresh parsley.”

The new products will also help bars tap into the growing demand for vegan and vegetarian food and drink, with research from Kantar showing that nearly a third of all meals eaten in the UK are vegetarian or vegan.

Beetroot Bloody Mary
15ml Le Fruit de Monin Beetroot
15ml Monin Lemon Rantcho concentrate
40ml Vodka
200ml Tomato juice
1 pinch Celery salt
2 dashes Worcestershire Sauce
2 dashes Tabasco
Fill serving a glass with ice. Add remaining ingredients in the order listed. To mix, roll from serving glass to other glass and back. Garnish.

Carrot Basil Mocktail
15ml Le Fruit de Monin Carrot
10ml Monin Basil syrup
40ml Fresh grapefruit juice
40ml Green tea and hibiscus infusion
2 pinches Sichuan peppercorn
Shake ingredients without ice. Add ice and shake to chill. Strain into an ice-filled serving glass.

Carrot & Parsley Virgin Mojito
15ml Le Fruit de Monin Carrot
20ml Monin Lime Rantcho
10 leaves Parsley
Top with ginger ale
Pour fruits, spices, herbs into a glass and muddle with Monin flavourings. Fill glass with crushed ice. Add re¬maining ingredients except sparkling beverage. Top with sparkling beverage. Stir and serve.

Beetroot Latte
15ml Le Fruit de Monin Beetroot
200ml Coconut milk
Pour Monin flavour into a glass or a mug. Steam coconut milk until frothy. Pour milk into the glass. Stir and serve.

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