Monkey Shoulder reinvents the jigger

Monkey Shoulder Trigger Jigger

Malt whisky brand Monkey Shoulder has developed a new bar tool, the Trigger Jigger, with the aim to help bartenders improve pouring accuracy.

A “reinvention” of the common jigger, which is used to measure and pour spirits, Monkey Shoulder’s Trigger Jigger is thought to save bartenders an average of 16,985 seconds, or 4 hours and 42 minutes per year.

Monkey Shoulder global brand ambassador Joe Petch said: “Some jiggers are just not good for business and can result in slower serving speeds. So, inspired by a nickel and silver plated jigger from the late 1880s and through countless hours of research with bartenders around the world, I set about righting some wrongs.

“By engineering a piston valve mechanism, I’ve ensured an accurate cut start and stop flow rate. Pour in the liquid and apply some pressure on a trigger using a good old-fashioned finger. The spirit streams out at an optimum rate into the drinking vessel.”

The launch of the Trigger Jigger follows previous Monkey Shoulder inventions, including its extendable ‘iSpoon’, the Konga Shaker and The Claw ice tong.

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