More Britons visit bars and pubs despite gloom about the economy

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More people are planning to visit bars and pubs despite feeling more gloomy about the economy and their spending, according to new research.

The survey of 2,000 UK adults by research agency Future Thinking found that 82% of British adults planned to visit a bar or pub – up by 4% compared to 2017.

It revealed that two-thirds of Britons (66%) felt gloomy about the economy and that almost half (47%) indicated they were feeling the financial pinch. This followed data that the first three months of this year saw the lowest rate of economic growth since 2012.

However, 60% would rather spend now than save for a rainy day while a fifth (21%) said they were unwilling to go without luxuries, offering good news to the leisure sector.

Noreen Kinsey, senior research director at Future Thinking, said: “It would seem that after almost a decade of ‘austerity’, many members of the public want to start treating themselves again.

“This isn’t to say Brits are becoming irresponsible – we don’t mind spending a little more – but we do want value for money.

“Consumers seem almost desperate to stop worrying about the near future. Although the economy remains in the doldrums, we’ve decided that doesn’t mean we have to stop enjoying ourselves.”

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