Moving Mountains launches totally meatless ‘bleeding’ burger

Moving Mountains B12 Burger

A meatless raw “bleeding” burger has been unveiled by British brand Moving Mountains to tap into the appetite for plant-based food.

In what is believed to be a UK first, the B12 Burger is said to smell and taste like a meat burger but is made with wheat and soy proteins, potatoes, mushrooms, beetroot juice and coconut oil.

It has taken a team of UK scientists, chefs and farmers more than two years to create, going through over 100 test-kitchen recipes.

The beetroot juice allows a juicy “bleed” at the centre of the patty while the coconut oil provides a fatty, satisfying consistency.

Wheat and soy proteins give a fibrous texture akin to the bite and depth of a traditional burger. Potatoes provide a slightly crispy, grilled crust and the mushrooms maintain the succulent texture.

Vitamin B12, traditionally associated with red meats, has been added so that the Moving Mountains burger can genuinely compete with a beef burger and provide essential nutrients.

Each Moving Mountains B12 burger has zero cholesterol, 20g of plant protein and is vegan and free from antibiotics and hormones.

Moving Mountains’ plant-based meat requires less land, less water and produces less greenhouse emissions than animal meat. It taps into the £284.1million meat-free category and also the growing market for flexitarians who eat mainly plant-based food but with occasional meat, now accounting for 41% of meat-eating Britons.

Simeon Van der Molen, founder of Moving Mountains, said: “We are a British brand making a huge leap in food innovation. We launched the Moving Mountains B12 Burger to create a real solution for food that is sustainable but doesn’t compromise on taste, therefore providing a viable alternative for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and traditional meat eaters.

“Moving Mountains has been over two years in the making with UK scientists, chefs and farmers, and we’re excited to allow consumers to bite into a future that is better for their health and the health of our planet.”

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