Muhu debuts first CBD-infused gin

Muhu Gin

Start-up lifestyle brand Muhu has launched a hibiscus-flavoured gin infused with CBD to the UK market.

Created to embody millennial aspirations of travel, spontaneity and independence, Muhu is looking to release a range of spirits over the next few years which will each feature an infusion with natural trending products.

The brand’s first release, Sweet Hibiscus, is inspired by India, where the popular hibiscus flower is incorporated into a huge range of drinks, most notably tea.

Muhu’s floral gin has added CBD, or Cannabidoil, a non-psychoactive naturally occurring compound found in the cannabis plant, thought to relieve stress and anxiety. It is free from sweeteners and comes in at 52 calories per shot.

Sally Wynter, Muhu’s founder, said: “Having never left the UK before, at 16 I jumped on a plane to India and was blown away by the assault on the senses – raw colours, smells and sights I’d never experienced before. I was instantly hooked.

“Gin has been a long-time favourite drink of mine, but I just felt the flavours of gin in the UK market lacked excitement and the provenance-driven brands didn’t appeal to me as a younger consumer.

“I wanted to incorporate the bold, exciting flavours of Asia with a lifestyle brand that appealed to people my age.

“The brand ethos is all about travel, spontaneity and not being afraid to break the mould and do something different.”

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