Muzai craft cocktail mixers enter the market


UK start-up Muzai, a new craft cocktail mixer range crafted using organic, mindful ingredients, has made its debut.

Muzai’s Yuzu & Thyme, Hibiscus and Lemongrass & Ginger variants are created from an all-natural blend of premium organic tea, kombucha, organic agave and botanicals.

The versatile ‘Mindful Cocktail formulas’ are naturally light in sugar, with the use of agave. The kombucha contains organic acids that promote gut health and can help detoxify the liver, while the premium organic teas provide antioxidants.

By simply shaking with a spirit or stirring with soda water or tonic, Muzai can be used to create alcoholic, low-ABV and no-ABV serves, from the Does Me Good Daiquiri (pictured), a blend of Muzai Lemongrass & Ginger, rum and mint, to the Hibiscus Margarita, made with Muzai Hibiscus, tequila and lime.

Founder Tom Shellard discovered the concept of Muzai when living in Tokyo. Each Friday, his Japanese friends spent the night socialising over green tea cocktails. It was then he realised a great cocktail doesn’t end with the taste buds; how you feel during and after is of equal importance.

Tom said: “When drinking these cocktails, I felt more present when socialising and clear-headed the next day. The l-theanine and light caffeine from the green tea were imparting a calm and focused effect, and the low sugar levels prevented rushing highs and exhausting lows.”

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