National Margarita Day: Tequila won’t fix your day but it’s worth a shot

Recent figures suggest that tequila has generated more than $ 8 billion over the last twelve months, with that number set to rise to $ 24 billion by 2031.  Therefore, as cultural calendar days come, National Margarita Day is becoming increasingly important – this year being celebrated on Wednesday, 22nd February.  For those who can’t get enough of this global margarita addiction, head west to Los Mochis and Viajante87 to celebrate with their celebratory cocktails. 

Los Mochis

This Mexican Japanese restaurant, where Tokyo meets Tulum are honouring this all-important day by offering all guests dining at Los Mochis a complimentary Tommy’s Margarita. Where better to celebrate than in the agaveria known for being the leading tequila seller in the UK and serving over 200 of these cocktails a day?

Whilst the true origin of the Margarita remains elusive, Los Mochis has curated their distinct Tommy’s Margarita using a base of Altos Reposado tequila finished with organic agave nectar, cold-pressed lime juice and Mexican Japanese spice mix, showcasing the true complexity and versatility of tequila in a margarita.  


London’s hottest new experiential bar (from the team behind Los Mochis) has been concocting something extra spicy to celebrate National Margarita Day, created in their very own distillery lab (only a few of theses in London).

Head Bar Director Panos Kanatsoulis (formerly “The Clumsies” Athens, and Zuma Dubai World’s 50 Best Bars) believes in the community of staff and many of the cocktails, whilst born from his ideas, are created in collaboration with the best of the bartenders. One of the bartenders, Bruno, created The Sherry Margaret which is what Viajante87 are serving for National Margarita Day.The unique cocktail features tequila blanco, manzanilla wine infused with oyster leaf and kelp algae, Cointreau l’Unique, saline solution, lime oleo saccharum (lime oil), lime juice and topped with champagne

Inspired by Bruno’s nostalgic findings in Spain where he found oysters on the beach and enjoyed them with a bottle of manzanilla, the special will be only available for a limited time. Zero-waste elements include the rim of the cocktail glass being made with remaining herbs from the infusion and the remnants of the limes used to make the oleo saccharum, pressed into the lime juice element.  

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