Nature calls

Lily Phillips, Lead Designer and Product Manager at Harp Designs, shares her top five tips to get your venue summer-ready!

Biophilic Design 

Having plants inside creates a summery feel, almost as if you’re abroad. Whether that’s plants hanging from the ceiling, plants in pots dotted around, moss walls or trailing plants climbing around the space; it instantly gives a feeling of being abroad in a tropical climate where plants grow wild. 


Summer is all about bright colours and bold patterns; maximalism encompasses both of those in one. This summer favours prints that emphasise colour contrasting. Large-scale designs beat smaller, more intricate ones, meaning you can be braver with combining textures, colours and even patterns. There is, however, a very fine line between creating a stunning interior and something a little bit cartoon-feeling, so tread carefully.

Different lighting

Lighting is key to any space, even more so in the summer. Adding things like festoon lighting to exterior spaces helps prepare a venue for the season, like how up-lighting plants inside or outside helps add a summer touch to the space. Light temperature is another thing that helps influence how we feel, warm tones in lighting are more welcoming whilst cooler tones make a space feel colder. 

Boho Influences

The well-worn look never gets old when trying to give a summery feel to a space. Distressed white woods, pastel colours, earthy tones and embroidery all help compliment this scheme. They remind us of being at the beach and therefore give that summer feel to any venue. This is often complemented by woven fibre decor and fringing decoration.

Shades of Green

The big summer trend of 2022 is shades of green. This can be through greenery, paint, tiling, and even flooring. Dark forest and khaki tones give a cosier feel, whereas mints and sages are calming and cooling. This links into the biophilic trend that has become the go-to style for anyone and everyone. 

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