Ncn’ean distillery releases ‘hybrid’ botanical spirit

Scotland’s Ncn’ean Whisky Company has launched a botanical spirit that “marries” the flavours typically found in whisky and gin.

Ncn’ean Botanical Spirit is distilled twice at Ncn’ean’s whisky distillery in Scotland and then for a third time at gin distillery Beinn an Tuirc. Here, ten botanicals are added, including fresh grapefruit, herbs such as bog myrtle and heather, and coriander and juniper.

As millennials become increasingly eager to try new products, Ncn’ean’s new “hybrid” offering aims to deliver an alternative to whisky and gin drinkers.

The expression marks the first spirit launched by Ncn’ean as it aims to release its new single malt whisky.

Botanical Spirit’s signature serve mixes 50ml of the spirit with tonic water, Angostura bitters, and is garnished with a slice of grapefruit.

Annabel Thomas, founder of Ncn’ean, said: “Whilst laying down whisky in our warehouses, a lot of people commented that our new make spirit was so good we should bottle it.

“Credit for this must go in part to Dr Jim Swan, one of the legends of our industry, who helped shape our recipe and whole approach to whisky making. It was this, combined with the wild herbs and flowers we find all around the distillery, that inspired us to create this spirit.”

Initially released in a limited run of 5,000 bottles, Ncn’ean Botanical Spirit is available through Speciality Drinks and the ​Whisky Exchange​.

Signature serve

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