Nelson’s reveals ‘world’s first’ Timur Gin

Nelson's Timur Gin

Staffordshire-based Nelson’s Gin has launched the latest blend in its portfolio, which celebrates the the Nepali timur pepper.

Commonly used in curries and seasonings, the timur pepper is described as a ‘false pepper’ due to the fact that it is a berry with a peppery taste. It is said to have the same sharpness as a regular peppercorn but with a citrusy grapefruit flavour.

The timur pepper is emerging as a popular cocktail ingredient in leading bars across the globe. In line with this emerging trend, Nelson’s has made timur the showcase botanical within its latest product.

Boasting to be the first gin of its kind on the market, Timur Gin, with an ABV of 41%, delicately blends the pepper in oil form with other botanicals.

Former chef Neil Harrison, the founder of Nelson’s Gin, commented: “We wanted to use something that is totally different, unique and up-and-coming, and the timur pepper certainly fits the bill. It’s an ingredient that most people are unfamiliar with but we hope to change that with the launch of our new product.”

Nelson’s Gin work with Mane, a French company that specialises in sourcing unique fragrances and flavours.

Deep in the communities of the Surkhet region, the berry is harvested by locals before being dried in the sun to concentrate the aromas. Once cleansed of branches and seeds, the timur pepper is stored in the huts of the villagers before being sent to Mane for aroma extraction.

As the fourth principle gin in the Nelson’s portfolio, Timur Gin joins No 7, Navy Strength and the Rhubarb and Custard gin.

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