New adult fruit drink brand launched exclusively in on-trade

free spirit

A premium non-carbonated fruit drink brand, Free Spirit, has been launched exclusively in the on-trade, aimed at adults.

The five blended fruit flavours have been conceived in response to consumer demand for a more sophisticated adult soft drink offering. They are Blood Orange, Lemon & Yuzu, Spiced Tomato, Apple Mint & Lime, and Watermelon & Peach.

They are completely natural, have a high fruit content and contain no added sugar or artificial sweeteners.

While the 250ml glass bottled drinks have been designed to be served on their own chilled, each variant also mixes well with a range of spirits. The twist-off cap also ensures ease of use.

Gavin Cox of Free Spirit said: “We have spent more than 12 months perfecting the Free Spirit proposition to create the sort of adult soft drink that both our customers and consumers tell us they want – one which is a better for you, non-carbonated, made with interesting flavour combinations and ultimately delicious.

“We have put real thought into each drink, finding unique combinations that complement each other in a surprising way. Then we made sure every blend is balanced perfectly so that the flavour of each ingredient shines through beautifully.

“What makes Free Spirit stand out from the soft drink crowd is that it is a premium crafted product in every sense of the word ‘craft’: we make it in small batches, with high attention to detail and behind it is a talented team of dedicated, passionate and entrepreneurial individuals with a passion for making great-tasting drinks that are that little bit better for you.”

The 250ml range is being supplied exclusively to the on-trade and non-grocery channels.

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