New alcohol-free botanical spritz drink set for launch

rocktails citrus spritz

A new lightly sparkling botanical blend has been introduced to offer a fresh, sophisticated approach to alcohol-free drinks.

Craft drinks specialist Rocktails has unveiled The Citrus Spritz, made with distilled botanicals, blending lemon zest with juniper berries along with base notes of grapefruit peel and a gentle aroma of lavender and basil.

Aiming to lead and innovate in the premium adult soft drinks industry, Rocktails is being launched into the on-trade on January 15 in selected London restaurants and bars, available in single-serve 250ml bottles.

A second product is already due to be introduced for the range in February.

Reviving century-old techniques, Rocktails use a copper pot steam distillation process to extract botanical flavours in small batches, ensuring that each blend is both pure and complex. The result is a fresh and original combination of perfectly balanced, delicate flavour notes.

Founded by Chris Yandell and Katie Bain, Rocktails is intended to offer an alcohol-free drinking experience to match the quality of alcoholic drinks, with a low-sugar substitute to suit a mature taste profile.

Each blend in the new range will have just 2.6g per 100ml sugar content from using organic agave – almost a quarter of the amount that most soft drinks in the UK contain – and no sweetener substitutes.

They suggest The Citrus Spritz be served in either a stemmed balloon glass or slim highball over ice, garnished with a generous twist of grapefruit peel. With its sparkling spritz effervescence, it is recommended for pairing with seafood and light dishes.

Tasting notes from Rocktails describe The Citrus Spritz as well balanced and delicate, with lemon zest top notes. The rounded pepperiness of the juniper is intertwined with the fragrant notes of basil and lavender. Grapefruit peel adds a dry base with slight bitter tones.

According to the Office for National Statistics, a fifth of British adults under 25 are teetotal, while research group YouGov reports that five million people signed up to “Dry January” this year.

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