Bloc app creates a new way to increase a venue’s customer base

Free check-in app Bloc has introduced a new way to drive more customers to venues.

Users are rewarded stars, Bloc’s in-app currency, if they attend a venue. They are only rewarded if they actually go, using geo-location technology. Once they have collected enough stars, they can exchange them for real money, so they can actually be paid for socialising.

App users can also see who else is checked in and connect with people before they go. The app has been a massive success with over one million check-ins and thousands of connections have been made. Over 100 people have been rewarded £250, the app’s highest pay-out.

Venues can increase the number of check-ins they get by advertising with Bloc. With four different placements the venue only pays £2 (inc VAT) if a user attends (using geo-location). Bloc is one of the only platforms where a venue can pay-per-result meaning it’s risk-free and budget friendly.

New advertisers can trial the service with £150 worth of free ad credit which is 75 customers for free. The app can also be demoed on their website so every function can be explored without downloading the app.

Getting started is really easy. A venue just needs to create their newsfeed ad which is shown to every Bloc user within 15 miles. The other placements are created automatically, including a star on their interactive map and also being placed at the top of the events list.

One of the most powerful features is the 4th placement, which is their 100 yard notification. This is sent out to any user that comes within 100 yards of the advertised venue, so people can be driven to the venue who are walking past but also from other competing venues.

Bloc’s demo can be found on the website: Bloc has also created a new Instagram account @blocbusiness, which gives tips and insights into how venues can get the most out of their service.

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