New app celebrates world’s best bars for absinthe

la maison fontaine

Some of the best bars using absinthe in cocktails are showcased in a new app from French brand La Maison Fontaine.

It presents bars from London, Manchester and Glasgow and around the world where bartenders have created cocktails using the absinthe range, with a map to show the nearest to your location. It also includes regular offers with prizes.

The first version, available from the AppStore and Google Play Store, includes Meat Bar and The Howlin’ Wolf in Glasgow, Harvey Nichols Second Floor Bar in Manchester, and Zetter Townhouse, Oskar’s Bar and the Mandarin Oriental in London.

It also features bars from around the world, from Absinthesalon in Sydney and Bau-Haus in Jakarta to Old Fashioned in Barcelona, Strom in Copenhagen, and Little Red Door in Paris.

The app will feature weekly challenges and provide bartenders with the chance to win rewards for participating. The best contributions will be showcased through La Maison Fontaine’s media and marketing channels, including a bartender and cocktail of the month.

La Maison Fontaine is made in Pontarlier – the hub for French absinthe – and is made up of the Blanche, Verte and Chocolate expressions.

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