New app helps bars and clubs attract women with promotions


A new app has been launched that allows bars and clubs to send out targeted promotions to attract more women.

Drinki can be used to send out the offer of a free cocktail to women who are signed up to the app, activated through an automatic check-in via Facebook when they arrive to redeem the incentive.

Launched in London, Manchester, Liverpool and Derby, it is set to roll out to more cities and towns while a version for attracting men, called Drinko, is due to be launched soon offering free beers.

London bars already participating in Drinki include Buddha-Bar, JuJu, Holborn Grind, Aquum, Dalston Social, Beagle, Gilt, Little Yellow Door, Nordic and Zebrano.

In Manchester, bars include Under New Management and Proof while Liverpool bars include Circo, Constellations and St John’s. Lola Lo bars in Manchester and Derby are also participating.

Available for free via Google Play and the App Store, it is being downloaded by hundreds of new users every day, according to its founders.

Co-founder Sophie Abrahamovitch said: “The app has been designed with a really simple user experience and, what’s more, it’s free to download and use. We want to help ladies kick-start their night out while discovering new places to enjoy cocktails.

“When Drinko arrives, the two apps will work in harmony across an expanding network of bars around the UK.

“The decision to launch Drinki first was simply a case of ‘ladies first’ and in phasing the launch of both apps we are able to be far more targeted in everything we do, which really benefits our users.”

Click here to download the app on Google Play.

Click here to download the app from the App Store.

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